Wednesday, September 27, 2017

7-9 months...20 lbs 13 oz and 29 inches tall

Logan is growing up so fast and becoming more and more mobile as each day goes by. He began to pull himself to stand on anything and everything beginning around 9/17/16 (6 months old).     

^^Jenny and I got together to make all kinds of baby food for "Slogan" (Sloane and Logan).  We made pear, apple, carrot, pea, yam, spinach, avocado, and bananas.^^

                                               ^^Logan learned how to hold his own bottle.^^


^^So true every year...hunting season is in full force right now^^


We went to Hee Haw farms with my brother A.J. and his family...we went down a huge slide, rode an animal barrel train, played in corn kernels, and went on a hayride where we got to pick out the perfect baby pumpkin for Logan.

Logan and I met up with Gram, Jenny, Leila and Sloane at Gardner village to search for witches and enjoy a nice fall afternoon together.

^^We had our annual Lewis Halloween party at my parents house where our family went as characters from Despicable Me 2: Jared was Gru, I was Lucy, and Logan was a minion. I also have to include my mom who dressed as Donald Trump and my Grandpa who is clearly the Statue of Liberty hahah. Love this family tradition!^^

^^ The next night we attended a fun Halloween party at Grandpa Greats barn (hosted by Aunt Sabrina) where we had dinner, treats and a Halloween movie. Jared and I switched up our costumes for this night: I was Donald Trump and he was Hillary Clinton (thanks mom for the ideas and costumes!)^^

 ^^Logan got to decorate his pumpkin with vanilla yogurt. He thought that was a pretty special thing.^^


^^Logan started getting his front 2nd to the left tooth 10/4/16. Then within a month his front 2nd to the right tooth, front left tooth and two bottom teeth decided to come in as well 11/1/16. A couple of weeks later his front right tooth decided to join to make that 6 teeth in a short amount of time. If you look really close I think you can count 5 of the teeth in this picture.^^

                     ^^real life with grandkids when you have 4 that are 2 years old and younger...^^
Dad and Mom Elliott

Graycee, Edynn, Garrett, Liv and Sam
Jessalyn, Adam, Karson and Emmery
"The girls...Jessalyn, me, Katelyn, Graycee, and Melynn


^^ready to play ball and learning how to do stairs all by himself at Grammy Elli's^^


^^standing up on all kinds of things already...We're in trouble!^^

^^yes that is pee on Jared's left leg...^^

^^playing with Grandpa Lewis and Gram when they came to visit^^
^^Mama got a hair cut!^^

^^wasn't sure what to think about his first experience with snow but I think he ultimately liked it^^

^^sushi burrito on our friends weekend^^

^^Piano lovin'...he wasn't too happy when I took him off the stool^^

^^church selfie^^

^^First Thanksgiving...loved hanging with aunt KK but wasn't completely acting himself...later that night threw up all over mama... such a sad night!^^

^^Getting driving lessons from dad^^

^^First time meeting Santa Claus...never cracked a smile but never cried either...I'd consider it a success!^^

^^Getting too mobile at church!^^

^^Oh crap. First time pooping in the tub...^^

^^spent 9 months in mama and has now been 9 whole months out of mama^^